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Sammy Samson Kumodzi

Sammy Samson Kumodzi
Singer, Song writer/composer, Piano/keyboard player
Column : Music, History/society, Intercultural/migrations

Sammy Samson is a musician who is originating from Togo-Ghana and who performed for three years with the band Touré-Kunda before embarking on a solo career. Acting at the same time as a composer and as an arranger, he fully expresses himself through his piano and he lets himself be accompanied by other musicians and choristers who have contributed to the making of this first album. The slogan of ?Africa?s Blue? is narrowly linked to interbreeding, a mixture of all kinds really:

On the one hand the world?s musics through Africa and more precisely the highlife musical style from Ghana which was extremely popular in the fifties and in the sixties and on the other hand a rather contemporary version of jazz.

That mixture of musical styles has been a huge success. Some pieces of music emphasize on rythmics via many percussions, other ones highlight more specifically the brass and the piano. Africa?s Blue lets humanity and jubilation come to light

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