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Nima Muhinmanchi Art (NMA) is a collective of artists aiming to re-create spaces, perceptions, and societies through arts and culture. We lead learning experiences, public interventions, and intercultural dialogue to integrate urban development and artistic creation.

"Muhinmanchi Art," or "the Importance of Art," references the role art plays in shaping the cultural fabric of Nima. The neighborhood of Nima emerged as a hub for West African migrants to Accra in 1930s, and has become the most densely populated, multi-ethnic community in Anglophone West Africa.

In 2011, a group of artists in Nima united with the objective to use art as a call to action. Since then we have worked to reshape perceptions of Nima through cultural programs, rethink public space in Accra through mural paintings, and address a gap in the nation's educational system by providing free after-school art classes. In our efforts, we make a point of collaborating with individuals, organizations, and communities, creating connections between people from a variety of places and perspectives.

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