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Ghana Culture Forum

The Ghana Culture Forum (GCF) is a membership based civil society consultative forum. It is a network of cultural practitioners, activists and organizations united around a common vision of affirming the cultural foundations of development.
GCF seeks to:

1. Ensure the recognition and mainstreaming of issues of culture in national development as enshrined in the Constitution in the Directive Principles of State Policy. 

2. Monitor and intervene in developments in the cultural sector as envisaged in the Ghana Cultural Policy

3. Coordinate and represent the views and voices ensuring that they are heard and ventilated 

4. Support cultural activists and their organizations to promote the best of Ghanaian creativity and heritage.

5. Promote Ghanaian identity through our cultural diversity.
The GCF was proposed and initiated at the UNESCO organized Consultative Forum on the "Power of Culture in Development" held in Accra on 28th April, 2011

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