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EHALAKASA is a concept created by Sir Black and musician/poet Nii Lantey in 2007, simply to bring poetry from the page to the stage. The basic Intent for Ehalakasa is to address and deal with issues relevant to our time as a people, whiles projecting Ghanaian values. EHALAKASA is a straight talk, street philosophy poetry and music performance. Eha means Song in Ewe, La meansSing in Ga Dangbe and Kasa means Talk in Akan (Twi). These separate words are simply combined to form EHALAKASA; and the response is: "It lives in us".
EHALAKASA has evolved out of the response to art lovers' (poets/general public) desire for the awakening and recognition of spoken word performance poetry in Accra and Ghana. The past years has been highly successful with projects and events like, Ehalakasa Slam, Ehalakasa Talk Party, the annual Ehalakasa Int. Poetry Day, Ehalakasa in Senior High Schools (workshops),Ehalakasa @ NAFAC, Ehalakasa Flash Mob, Ehalakasa Fiesta, Ehalakasa Mega Fest and now Ehalakasa Festival etc. These events were organized in collaboration with Alliance Francaise, Goethe Institut, Nubuke Foundation, Writers Project of Ghana, Ghana Association of Writers, Cultural Education Unit of Ghana Education Service, Ghana Culture Forum etc.

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