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African American Association donate to two institutions

Published on : 04/01/2018
Source : www.artsghana.org

The African American Association of Ghana (AAAG) last December presented six sewing machines and an industrial battery charger to the Opportunities Industrialization Centre (OIC) as well as a laptop to the Accra Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) in Accra respectively.           
It would be recalled that during the first quarter of 2017, AAAG held its annual 70's "Dance This Time" to raise funds to meet the needs of the OIC and ARC. With great support from members and friends of AAAG funds raised purchased items requested.
The association earmarked them to be donated during "Giving Thanks Feast" celebrations, which is also a time African Americans and other Africans in the Diaspora reflect and give testimony on their return home to Africa.
It is equally celebrated by those who have lived in Ghana for many decades, as they also express gratitude for family relations and friendships that have sustained throughout the years.
Patrons enjoyed dishes from the United States, a fusion of soul food, Caribbean and traditional Ghanaian/African dishes alike as they discussed issues that affect them and the Ghanaian community at large.  

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